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Invitations as unique as you are

At Tülin K. Design, we believe that you deserve something unique and gorgeous for your special day. The invitation is the first thing your guests see, and sets the tone for the entire event.

Tülin uses her love for watercolours, illustration and calligraphy as the starting point for an unforgettable, 100% custom and original handmade design to reflect you, through her style. If you’re looking for something that’s a unique work of art and will stay with you forever, you’re in the right place.


How does it work?


We have two options for wedding suites – bespoke and semi-custom.

Bespoke are made from scratch, with your vision and requirements in mind. These are pieces of art created for you, and as such require a time frame of between 3 to 6 months before you plan to send out the invitations. If exclusivity and creativity are what you’re looking for, our bespoke wedding invitations are for you.

Our semi-custom suites are pre-designed, with the aesthetic and quality you’d expect from the studio. The card colours can be customised, names hand-lettered, and text adjusted. For semi-custom suites, please contact us at least 2 months before you need to send out the cards. If you want to take the guesswork and effort out of making wedding invitations, our semi-custom collection is for you.

Contact us via email (please include your WhatsApp number) at info@tulinkdesign.com to schedule a consultation. Please note, we do not entertain rush orders.  

Pictured here: A few of our bespoke suites, made for some very special couples.

Scroll on down for our semi-custom collection.

Semi-Custom Invitation Suites

Our semi-custom suites include:

up to 3 event cards, plain envelopes, matching sealing stickers.

Add-ons include:

printed lining in the envelopes, monogram/customised sealing stickers, wax stamp, pre-made wax seals.

Our semi-custom suites start from Rs 35,000 (based on 100 pieces order minimum).

For a full quotation, please email us at info@tulinkdesign.com with the name of the suite you are interested in, projected date(s) and quantities.



The Bloom suite features up to three event cards, each featuring Tülin’s watercolour paintings of gorgeous blooms, and calligraphed names for the couple.

For the Bloom suite, you can choose between cream or white card, with matching / coordinated plain envelopes.

If elegance with a splash of colour is what you’re going for, the Bloom suite is perfect for your special day!




The Aurelian suite is where opulence meets minimalism in the best possible way. This classic combination of rich gold and black cards, paired with the kilim pattern in the lining, truly makes the suite stand out. If classic with a bold statement is your style, the Aurelian suite is for you.

The Aurelian suite is ideally suited for two cards, but can be increased up to three.

Card & paper options: Black, white, cream (single colour through the suite)

Print options: Gold, silver (single colour through the suite)




Our Willow invitation is true understated elegance, and our most customisable semi-custom suite, with numerous paper and print colour options. A trifold beauty featuring botanical line drawings, pictured here on linen card, with a gorgeous coverlet band (available in white parchment or vellum), a matching envelope with lining design, and optional sticker. The suite is suitable for up to 3 events.

Card & paper options: Cream, blush, gold, navy, black

Print options: Grey, black, white, silver, gold.




Our Mughal suite features a nod to typical florals and symmetry of the Mughlai court, but with a modern, subtle palette. Includes up to 3 invitation cards, assembled together with a parchment paper band (in the case of multiple events). The suite is suitable for up to 3 functions.

Card & paper options: recycled (blue tone), white.

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